DEQ fines owner for underground storage tank violations

Halsey, OR (5/10/2018) —The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Quarren K. Avakian $3,805 for underground storage tank violations at a facility he owns off Highway 228 in Halsey.

During an August 2017 DEQ inspection, Avakian was unable to provide results of the most recent annual operational test of the line leak detectors. Two sumps at the facility contained a significant amount of diesel fuel. Avakian failed to report the presence of fuel or investigate the source of the fuel to determine whether the sumps were leaking fuel into the environment.

After the inspection, DEQ issued a field citation requiring Avakian to correct the violations and to submit documentation to DEQ by Oct. 31, 2017. DEQ has not received documentation that the violations noted in the field citation were corrected

During the inspection, DEQ also discovered that the premium gasoline underground storage tank was missing a valve, allowing gasoline fumes to be emitted into the air. Such protections are intended to reduce air pollutants that can lead to the formation of smog.

DEQ requested documentation that the valve was replaced. To date, DEQ has not received documentation the valve was replaced.

DEQ’s underground storage tanks violations are in place to safeguard against leaks that can harm the environment and threaten human health.

Avakian has until May 17 to appeal the penalty.

View the enforcement letter:

Contact: Katherine Benenati, Public Affairs Specialist, Eugene, 541-686-7997,