DEQ fines Tualatin asphalt plant for air quality violations

Tualatin, OR (5/11/2018) —The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Rogers Northwest Inc. $5,600 for releasing more pollution from its Tualatin asphalt plant than is allowed in the facility’s air quality permit.

In October 2017, Rogers Northwest emitted particulate matter that exceeded the limits set in the facility’s permit.

State and federal law limits industrial air emissions, including particulate matter, to protect public health and the environment. Particulate matter affects the functioning of the heart and lungs, impacts visibility, and can deposit on the ground and change the acidity or nutrient balance of waterbodies and soil.

DEQ discovered the violation in December 2017 after the company submitted the results of a routine source test required by its permit.

DEQ has ordered Rogers Northwest to repeat source tests and take corrective actions to improve the pollution controls on the asphalt plant until it shows it is in compliance with its air quality permit.

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