2018 Environmental Police Officer A/B


2018 Environmental Police Officer A/B

Salary  $0.00 Biweekly
Location  Statewide, MA
Job Type Not Applicable
Job Number 181020EPOAB
Closing 8/28/2018 11:59 PM Eastern
2018 Environmental Police Officer A/B

Application Period: July 31, 2018 – August 28, 2018
Written Examination Date: October 20, 2018
Examination Fee: $100*

Candidates must take and pass this examination in order to be placed on the Environmental Police Officer A/B eligible list.

Written Examination Locations: Various sites throughout the Commonwealth

*There is an additional $50 late fee for applications received after this date. Applications will NOT be accepted after September 11, 2018

Note: This online application allows candidates to select notification by e-mail or regular mail. Please be advised that the Human Resource Division utilizes only e-mail for all notices to candidates.

Examples of Duties / Knowledge & Skills
Duties:  Under general supervision from Environmental Police Officers or others of higher grade: enforces all general laws of the Commonwealth focusing on the protection of natural resources, wetlands, and waterways, commercial and recreational outdoor activities, and federal laws pertaining to the protection of the Commonwealth’s natural resources; follows up on enforcement actions by appearing on the government’s behalf in court or legal proceedings; investigates accidents and/or fatalities involving hunting, boating, and recreational vehicles; provides a law enforcement presence and makes law enforcement decisions regarding the environment, public safety, and related educational activities within an assigned geographic area; performs basic maintenance and upkeep and operates motor vehicles, motorboats, snowmobiles, off road vehicles, and related safety equipment; operates electronic equipment; operates enforcement tools, such as handguns, shotguns, chemical immobilizers, chemical weapons, batons, flashlights, and handcuffs; operates personal computers and mobile data terminals; files reports, issues citations, and keeps current with changes in law and polices; conducts patrols, boardings, surveillance, and inspections of commercial and recreational boats, off road vehicles, snowmobiles, and all respective dealers and establishments for compliance with related state and federal statutes and regulations; observes covertly or overtly commercial and/or recreational enterprises or individuals engaged in the activities of boating, fishing, and hunting; launches and retrieves trailered boats, snowmobiles, or off road vehicles; performs search, rescue, and recovery operations; and performs related work as required.

Examination Subjects:  The written examination will be designed to test, where practicable, the following knowledges, skills and abilities which have been established as qualifications for the position: ability to demonstrate written comprehension, boating and hunter safety, ability to perform mathematics, knowledge of the conservation and management of wildlife and wildlands resources and safe and ethical hunting practices, knowledge of the husbandry of fish populations, and knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Reading List: Available at www.mass.gov/hrd/readinglists

Minimum qualifications & Requirements

As of the date of appointment, candidates must:

1. have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

2. have at least two years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional or para-professional experience in wildlife or fisheries conservation or management, natural resources conservation or management, biological or environmental science, forestry, ecology, marine science, conservation law enforcement or related field, or any equivalent combination of such experience and the substitutions below.

  • An Associate’s degree in environmental science, biology, oceanography, ecology, natural resource management, wildlife management, fisheries management, forestry, conservation law enforcement or related field, may be substituted for one year of the required experience on the basis of two years of education* for one year of experience.
  • A Bachelor’s or higher degree in environmental science, biology, oceanography, ecology, natural resource management, wildlife management, fisheries management, forestry, conservation law enforcement, or related field may be substituted for the required experience on the basis of two years of education* for one year of experience.

*One year of education equals 30 semester hours or its equivalent. Education toward a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

3. be at least 21 years of age (pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 467 of the Acts of 2004).

APPLICATION: All applications must be received by the application deadline, and accompanied by an examination processing fee. You will have received two confirmation emails when you have completed the process: one email confirming your application has been received, and one email confirming your payment has been received. Your application is not complete until you have received both confirmation emails.  If you have not submitted payment of the examination processing fee on or before September 11, 2018, your application will not be processed or accepted. Once your application is successfully submitted, you will see a “click to pay” button.  Click on “click to pay” to pay for the examination.

CREDIT FOR EMPLOYMENT/EXPERIENCE: Pursuant to the provisions of MGL Ch. 31, § 22, individuals who have served in the position title of Environmental Police Officer A/B may receive credit for this employment or experience. If you believe you are eligible for this credit, you must claim this credit by completing the applicable section of the application. All claims must be verified by supporting documentation, which must provide specific details of any employment or experience you have in the examination title as the result of service as an environmental police officer, including dates of service and number of hours worked per week. The supporting documentation must be on original letterhead with an original signature from the appointing authority where the employment or experience occurred. Please note, credit for employment or experience is applicable only to individuals who achieve a passing score on the written examination, and cannot be added to a failing written examination score. Claims must be submitted during the application period; supporting documentation needs to be submitted by e-mail to civilservice@state.ma.us or attached to your application within 7 days of the written examination.

TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: If you need special testing accommodations due to a documented impairment, you must submit a letter of support from a qualified professional detailing what type of accommodation you require at the examination site, and such letter must be scanned and attached to this application. Without such a letter, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant your accommodation. This information is requested only to provide reasonable accommodation for examinations, and will not be used for any other purposes.

Candidates can submit a claim for the following preferences prior to the examination date, during the application period.  Preferences are only available to individuals who receive a passing score on the examination, and cannot be applied to a failing examination score. 

  • Veteran’s Preference: Click on this link for further information- Veteran’s Preference Eligibility.
  • Disabled Veteran Status:  Click on this link for further information- Disabled Veteran’s Preference Eligibility.
  • Selective Certification for Bilingual Environmental Police Officers:  If an appointing authority requires that an Environmental Police Officer A/B be fluent in a second language (e.g., Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, etc.), the appointing authority may request that competition for that vacancy be limited to persons who have such skills. You will have the opportunity on your application to indicate the foreign language(s) in which you are fluent. You will need to prove your language fluency at the time of appointment.
  • Selective Certification for Environmental Police Officers: Female Based:  If an appointing authority requires that a Police Officer be female, the appointing authority may request that competition for that vacancy be limited to women. You will have the opportunity on your application to indicate your gender.

During the HRD review process or during the life of the applicable eligible list(s), candidates must make original supporting documentation available should the issue of authenticity arise with any submitted document copies.

CURRENT MILITARY PERSONNEL: All military personnel who, in connection with current service, have military orders that indicate their unavailability due to military service on the examination date, are encouraged to file an application and processing fee and request a makeup examination in writing, with a copy of your military orders attached. Please include in your request your email address, daytime base phone number and/or name and phone number of a friend or family member with whom you have regular contact and entrust with your personal communication. Visit our website for more information: Military Information

NO MAKE-UP EXAMINATION: With the exception of current military personnel as described above, no candidate has a right to a make-up examination due to personal or professional conflicts on the testing date. Candidates are advised to consider this BEFORE applying for the examination. If you file an examination application by the application deadline, but are unable to appear for the examination on the examination date due to an emergency or unanticipated hardship, you may request a make-up examination by filing a written request with verifiable documentation to HRD no later than 7 calendar days from the original written examination date. HRD reserves the right to approve or deny your request.  HRD may require an additional processing fee upon approval of your request.

NOTICE TO APPEAR: Notices to Appear including time and location of examination will be e-mailed to candidates after the close of the application period, and prior to the examination date.

UPDATING INFORMATION: Candidates are responsible for maintaining accurate contact information. Failure to keep your records up-to-date may jeopardize opportunities for employment.  For information on how to update your information, click on Update my Information.

IDENTIFICATION AT THE EXAMINATION SITE: At the examination site, candidates must present current and valid photo identification with signature (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military ID).

REFUNDS: There will be NO REFUND of the examination processing fee unless the examination is cancelled by HRD.

Fee Waiver: The examination fee may be waived for candidates receiving certain state or federal public assistance, or unemployment insurance. Fee Waiver Forms are available at the Applicant Forms section of our website (Fee Waiver Form). This Form should be completed and supporting documentation must be scanned and attached to this application All Fee Waiver forms must be submitted on or before March 1, 2018.

PRIVATE SCHOOL OR SERVICE: HRD does not recommend or endorse any private school, service, or publisher offering preparation and/or publications for examinations and is not responsible for their advertising claims.

SALARY: Inquiry concerning salary should be directed to the appointing authority at the time of the employment interview.


  • Medical Examination: Candidates must pass the medical examination before participating in the PAT. The Medical and Physical Fitness Standards are available for review on the Civil Service website (www.mass.gov/civilservice) at the Medical and Physical Standards section. Candidates will be required to pass both a medical examination and a psychological evaluation before appointment.
  • Physical Abilities Test (PAT): All candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment will be instructed on how to schedule and take the PAT. The PAT is a test of the candidate’s aerobic capacity and physical capability to perform various tasks required on the job. A separate fee (currently $150) is charged for the administration of the PAT. The PAT Training Guide is available on the Civil Service website (www.mass.gov/civilservice) at the Medical and Physical Standards section.
  • Academy Training: All candidates appointed as a full-time Environmental Police Officer A/B as a result of this examination will be required to successfully complete police academy training approved by the Municipal Police Training Committee.
  • Additional Training: All candidates appointed as a full-time Environmental Police Officer A/B as a result of this examination will be required to successfully complete a Certified Lifesaving or Advanced Lifesaving program administered by the American Red Cross or YMCA, as approved by the Office of Law Enforcement, Massachusetts Environmental Police, during the probation period.
  • Prior Convictions:  No person who has been convicted of a felony shall be appointed as an Environmental Police Officer A/B. A candidate may be disqualified for evidence of character clearly unsuited for police services.
  • Firearms Permit:  A candidate must qualify for a Class A License to Carry Firearms.
  • Driver’s License: A candidate must possess a valid Massachusetts Class D motor vehicle operator’s license prior to appointment.
Supplemental information
Women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

For more information about this and other civil service examinations, see www.mass.gov/civilservice or email the Civil Service Unit at civilservice@state.ma.us

Inquiries may also be made to HRD during normal business hours at the following numbers:

Boston area: (617) 878-9895
Within Massachusetts: 1-800-392-6178
TTY Number: (617) 878-9762

Applications for this examination will be available from July 31, 2018 until August 28, 2018.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
One Ashburton Place
Room 301
Boston, Massachusetts, 02108

For more information, please contact civilservice@state.ma.us