Environmental Specialist 2 (2 positions)

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Environmental Specialist 2

Salary  $23.44 Hourly
Location  Hocking County, OH
Job Type Full-Time, Permanent, Bargaining-Unit
Department Environmental Protection Agency
Job Number 20039020
Closing 1/19/2018 5:00 PM Eastern
Job Duties
Evaluates and processes permit to install applications, permit to operate applications (including registration and renewals) and Title V permit applications for all air contaminant emissions units to determine if such emissions units meet state and Federal air pollution control regulations and recommends appropriate action to be taken through written or oral communications. Conducts inspections of existing and new air pollution emissions units (industrial, commercial or institutional). Observes and evaluates compliance performance tests conducted by applicants and prepares inspection and site investigation report and follow-up letters. Participates in meetings and conference calls with entities. Participates in public meetings, information sessions and hearings that are conducted for controversial permits. Assists Central Office in the evaluation and processing of variance applications.

Performs compliance monitoring inspections of air permittees. Performs air pollution source inspections and prepares inspection reports. Arranges and participates in compliance meetings with entities.

Reviews Emissions Fee Reports, Emissions Statement Reports and Emissions Inventory Reports in the STARS system. Performs technical review of the data submitted electronically by entities. Performs review of data submitted by entities related to non-Title V fees and recommends approval or disapproval of the data submitted by entities.

Conducts air pollution complaint investigations, (e.g., performs inspections; meets with complainant and source owner and gathers information and evidence). Prepares complaint investigation reports and recommends action.

Participates in activities designed to support Ohio EPA litigations: e.g., special field investigation, research studies, etc.; prepares enforcement related documents and reports; testifies at pre-hearing conference, adjudication hearing, enforcement negotiations and civil court proceedings.


Minimum Qualifications

12 mos. exp. as Environmental Specialist 1, 85861., OR 4 yrs. trg. or 4 yrs. exp. in position involving engineering or chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, geology or hydrogeology &/or other comparable physical or health science field &/or mathematics which included responsibility for conducting compliance monitoring surveys &/or inspections/reviews or investigations, or review of permit applications relative to oil & gas well operations or injection, annular disposal & saltwater injection wells & enhanced recovery projects or coal mining, or solid/hazardous waste sites or industrial & municipal wastewater dischargers, or collecting, compiling & preparing various environmental assessments, evaluations, reports & related documents. Training & experience must be commensurate with duties to be assigned. OR baccalaureate degree in engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, earth science &/or urban & regional planning, geology or other comparable physical or health science fields, with training to be commensurate with duties to be assigned.

Major Worker Characteristics

Knowledge of engineering or chemistry, biology, environmental science &/or other comparable physical or health science field; applicable state &/or federal laws, rules, regulations & standards relative to environmental control &/or public health area assigned*; inspection & investigation techniques & procedures; computer simulations & predictive modeling. Skill in operation & basic maintenance of sampling &/or surveying equipment; operation of video display terminal. Ability to understand technical field of study & analyze & interpret &/or compile scientific/ technical data; prepare & maintain correspondence & detailed, comprehensive reports; cooperate with co-workers & establish & maintain favorable public relations with government officials, public &/or facility operations.

Supplemental Information

This posting is for 2 positions.


Official educational transcripts are required for all post-high school educational accomplishments, coursework or degrees claimed on the application. Applicants will be required to submit an official transcript if selected for an interview. Failure to provide the transcript at the time of the interview will cause the applicant to be eliminated from further consideration.

Please note that a transcript is considered “official” only if it is an original copy from the educational institution and includes an institutional watermark, ink stamp or embossed stamp. Transcripts printed from the institution’s website will not be accepted. Ohio EPA reserves the right to assess the academic credibility of an educational entity’s award of a putative degree.


All applicants that are selected for an interview will be required to provide at least three professional references at the time of the interview.


The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check.  Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position.  An individual assessment of an applicant’s prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.

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