ADEM Requiring Warrior Asphalt to Address Odors

Tuscaloosa AL (6/10/2020) – The Alabama Department of Environmental Management issued a new permit to Warrior Asphalt, Inc., on June 3. The permit meets all federal and state air emissions regulations, and calls for the company to install an afterburner to address potential odors.

As part of the permit application process, ADEM officials worked with representatives from the City of Tuscaloosa, the SWT Group (owners of Warrior Asphalt Inc.) and responded to numerous concerns from residents in the area.

Maintaining clean air is a priority at ADEM, and the permit to Warrior Asphalt, Inc., calls for the company to meet all standards under the State’s air pollution regulations. The facility shall not exceed air quality standards, must limit visible emissions, regulate particulate matter, and remain under set limits for sulfur dioxide.

To address odor concerns, ADEM is requiring Warrior Asphalt, Inc., to install and have an afterburner operational by October 1. Afterburners are the most commonly used air pollution control devices to control volatile organic compounds and odors and minimize odorous emissions from the facility’s asphalt oxidizing system. In addition, the afterburner can only be fueled with natural gas.
ADEM is also requiring the facility to continually monitor emissions and to develop and make available a site-specific monitoring plan. The permit also requires the company to perform regular visual checks and maintain all air emissions records for review.

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