Drinking Water System Owner fined $9,000 for Safe Drinking Water Act Violations

Sioux Lookout, ON (11/13/2020) – Court Location – Sioux Lookout Court

Convicted – Allan Anthony Pizziol, owner of Lincoln Trailer Park

Description of Offence – The convictions relate to being the owner of the Lincoln Trailer Park (Sioux Lookout) Well Supply drinking water system, and failing to ensure that at least one distribution sample was taken every week, failing to immediately report adverse test results (free chlorine residual and total coliform bacteria), failing to ensure that the system was operated by trained/qualified persons, and for failing to ensure that an approved analyzer was used to take and test drinking water.

Date of Offence – Various periods between September 23, 2016 and March 16, 2018

Date of Conviction – October 15, 2020

Penalty Imposed – Allan Anthony Pizziol was convicted on five violations under the Safe Drinking Water Act and was fined $9,000 plus victim fine surcharge of $2,250 and was given one year to pay the fine.

Background –

Allan Anthony Pizziol is the sole proprietor of the Lincoln Trailer Park located in the District of Kenora.

Mr. Pizziol owns and operates a drinking water system at the trailer park which serves 27 private residences and is classified as a non-municipal year-round residential drinking water system.

The system obtains raw water from a groundwater well supply and is treated with chlorine before it is distributed to users. The addition of chlorine provides both primary and secondary disinfection of the water supply.

Routine sampling and testing of raw water, treated water and water in the distribution system provides key information for assessing water quality and the effectiveness of water treatment. The testing and the operation of the drinking water system by trained and qualified personnel are requirements under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

On March 14, 2018, ministry staff conducted a drinking water system inspection and identified several issues with sampling, reporting and appropriate operator certification.
The ministry’s Environmental Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges which resulted in five convictions.