EPA Reaches Settlement With Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities in Kansas and Iowa for Alleged Clean Air Act Violations

Lenexa KS (5/14/2020) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reached settlements with two agricultural storage and supply businesses to resolve alleged violations of federal Clean Air Act regulations.

EPA inspected both companies in response to accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia that resulted in injuries to their employees. EPA inspections determined that the companies failed to design their processes for handling anhydrous ammonia in compliance with good engineering practices, and failed to meet other requirements intended to ensure adequate measures are in place to prevent and respond to an accidental release from the facilities.

Anhydrous ammonia presents a significant health hazard because it is corrosive to the skin, eyes and lungs. Exposure may result in injury or death.

Midland Marketing Co-op Inc. owns one facility in Palco, Kansas; and Troy Elevator Inc. owns two facilities in Bloomfield and Blakesburg, Iowa. Each of the three facilities contain over 10,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia, making them subject to Risk Management Program regulations intended to protect communities from accidental releases of certain toxic or flammable substances.

In response to the EPA inspection findings, both companies took the necessary steps to bring all three facilities into compliance.

As part of its settlement, Midland Marketing Co-op agreed to pay a civil penalty of $19,999. The company also agreed to purchase emergency response and preparedness equipment for three local fire departments at an estimated cost of $25,569. Troy Elevator agreed to pay a civil penalty of $37,063 to resolve the alleged violations.

Contact Information: Ben Washburn (washburn.ben@epa.gov) 913-551-7364