Fisheries Act violation results in $150K fine for Northwest Territories business

Hay River, Northwest Territories (11/27/2019) – On November 27, 2019, a guilty plea was entered on behalf of Hay River Mobile Home Park Ltd., in Hay River Territorial Court, in response to a charge of violating subsection 36(3) of the Fisheries Act. The company was fined $150,000, which will be directed to the Government of Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund.

In October 2016, Environment and Climate Change Canada enforcement officers responded to a report from the Northwest Territories 24-Hour Spill Report Line that a fuel sheen had been observed on the Hay River. An investigation determined that a fuel truck parked on Hay River Mobile Home Park Ltd. property had released a diesel/water mixture, over a 20-hour period, onto land adjacent to the Hay River. An undetermined amount of the mixture then entered the Hay River, which is home to a variety of fish species, including walleye, whitefish, and northern pike.

As a result of this conviction, the company’s name will be added to the Environmental Offenders Registry.

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