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Project Staff
Office Location: Boston, MA

NEWMOA is a regional association of the state environmental agencies in the Northeast U.S.
that helps to protect and clean up the environment. We engage state environmental officials in
New England, New York, and New Jersey and states in other parts of the U.S. to collaborate on
solid and hazardous waste reduction, recycling, and management; waste site cleanup; toxics
use reduction; and pollution prevention challenges.

The Project Staff will assist NEWMOA’s Project Managers and Executive Director with executing
a variety of environmental and public health projects. These projects are generally related to
waste and toxic chemicals and can cover a wide range of environmental issues.

General Duties & Responsibilities (Specific duties and responsibilities to be assigned depending
on the NEWMOA project)
• Assists with implementing projects and with project planning, execution, and reporting
• Assists with coordinating and documenting NEWMOA Workgroup/s
• Gathers and presents information and helps to draft technical or policy documents, fact
sheets, handouts, presentations, reports, and memos
• Helps to organize Workgroup meetings, webinars, workshops, and conferences
• Analyzes and presents data
• Assists with updating and maintaining NEWMOA’s websites and social networking sites

The Project Staff person will assist with development of educational materials for wasted food
reduction and recovery projects; help with planning and holding webinars, meetings,
workshops, and other events; conduct analysis of state municipal solid waste data; support
NEWMOA’s Interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC) and Interstate
Chemicals Clearinghouse activities; and assist with other projects and activities, as needed.

The satisfactory performance of the above duties and responsibilities requires the staff person
to have a thorough understanding of NEWMOA’s programs, organization, and policies. The
ideal candidate must be able to exercise initiative and exhibit resourcefulness in complicated
situations. They must be able to work effectively with state and federal officials with varied
professional backgrounds. The ability to organize the workload and perform tasks in an
accurate, conclusive, and timely manner is required.

Minimum of two years of full time or equivalent part time professional experience in the field
of environmental science, policy, or planning.

An undergraduate degree from a recognized school with a major in biology, chemistry, physics,
earth science, environmental science or health, environmental planning or policy, or
engineering is required. A graduate degree from a recognized school with a major in one of the
fields listed above may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required experience.

Basic Knowledge & Skills
• Knowledge of federal and state waste management toxic chemicals, and pollution
prevention policies and programs
• Good communications skills, both verbal and written
• Excellent organizational skills; a keen attention to detail
• Good teamwork and problem-solving skills
• Ability to work effectively with scientists, engineers, and policy makers and to establish
professional credibility
• Ability to work independently
• Facility with spreadsheets

Supervisory Controls
Project Staff are under the supervision of the NEWMOA Executive Director and Project
Managers, depending on the project. Job performance is evaluated by the Project Manager (s)
and Executive Director.

NEWMOA accepts applicants who are located in the Boston area as well as other parts of New
England that are within two hours of the City.

Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer
It is the policy of the NEWMOA to provide equal employment opportunities for training,
compensation, promotion, and other aspects of employment for all qualified applicants and
employees without regard to gender; race; color; creed; religion; national origin; ancestry;
sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; pregnancy; age; disability; military service;
veteran status; or any other classification protected under applicable law. Physical or mental
disabilities are considered only as they may relate to a candidate’s ability to fulfill essential job

Job Type: Full-time
Starting salary: $50,000 – $55,000 /year

Applicants are required to submit a cover letter in addition to a resume. In your cover letter,
address why you are interested in the position at NEWMOA and how your background and
experience are relevant to the job requirements.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 references to Terri Goldberg,

Applications are due by February 8.

For more information, please contact