Modernized ECHO Tool Released!

Washington (5/7/2020) – EPA has released a modernized State Clean Air Act Dashboard (State Air Dashboard) [], which is now available to the public via the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) web page. The enhanced dashboard is user friendly and provides more ways to drill in and analyze the data. The State Air Dashboard is the first of four dashboards to be revamped to make the data easier to use. The dashboard provides summary trends of EPA and state/local enforcement and compliance activity, such as how many inspections were performed, how may violations were identified, and how many enforcement actions were taken. It allows the public to see trends and allows EPA and state/local agencies to review data quality and to see how the agencies are doing with program implementation. The new platform provides a dynamic interface which allows users to customize their view to best examine the data and trends they are interested in. The different sections of the chart (facilities, inspections, enforcement, etc.) will now update together, so selections made in any section are reflected in other sections, making it easier to see meaningful patterns and trends in the data. Note that the State Air Dashboard is focused on only the stationary source component of the Clean Air Act program. EPA plans to update the RCRA, CWA and SDWA dashboards to this new format over the next 6-8 months.