Referral to AG for Oil Release

Illinois EPA Refers Marathon Pipe Line LLC to Attorney General for Enforcement Action taken following release of crude oil from a pipeline in Madison County

SPRINGFIELD IL (3/11/2022) – The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) has referred an enforcement action to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office against Marathon Pipe Line LLC (Marathon) for a release of crude oil from a pipeline near Edwardsville (Madison County). The referral cites violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act and the Illinois Pollution Control Board’s regulations.

On March 11, 2022, the National Response Center and Illinois Emergency Management Agency received reports regarding the release of crude oil from a pipeline, which impacted Cahokia Creek. The release occurred near IL Rte. 143 and Old Alton-Edwardsville Road. The Marathon pipeline runs parallel to Cahokia Creek, and the release was observed flowing out of the bank on the creek along the pipeline right-of-way. Initial reports estimated the release at 3,000 barrels (or 126,000 gallons). Emergency responders were notified, and representatives from Illinois EPA and U.S. EPA arrived on site.

Several sets of booms have since been deployed in the creek, both skirted and absorbent boom. Additional deployments are planned. At this time, the crude oil is contained in the creek. Vac trucks are recovering product at several locations. Marathon and U.S. EPA are establishing air monitoring near the site. The investigation and remediation at the site continue.

The referral asks the Attorney General’s Office to represent the Illinois EPA to ensure that Marathon completely remediates the release and coordinates with Illinois EPA, as well as federal and local agencies, to implement appropriate compliance measures. Those compliance measures include, but are not limited to, removing all product in any affected waterway; assessing the integrity of the pipelines and repair as necessary; investigating and fully delineating the extent of the spill to both soil and groundwater; and submitting and implementing a corrective action plan as necessary.

Contact: Kim Biggs 217-782-9540