Spray Painting Company fined $14,000 and Issued a Court Order for Environmental Protection Act Violations

Sarnia ON (4/12/2019) – Convicted – Versatile Spray Painting Ltd.

Court Location – Caledon

Description of Offence – The convictions relate to non-compliance with a ministry order for not having a qualified person prepare an Emission Summary and Dispersion Model report, and for not forwarding a copy of the report to the ministry.

Date of Offence – During the period beginning on or about September 3, 2016 and ending on or about August 8, 2018.

Date of Conviction – March 20, 2019

Penalty Imposed – Versatile Spray Painting Ltd. was convicted on two violations under the Environmental Protection Act and was fined $14,000 plus $3,500 victim fine surcharge with 12 months to pay the fine. The court also issued a section 190 court order, which orders compliance with the ministry order elements by July 20, 2019.


Versatile Spray Painting Ltd. is located in Bolton and specializes in custom paint finishes and operates three open face paint spray booths that require ministry approvals for air.

In January 2016, the ministry conducted an inspection and noted that the company had not produced an emission summary and dispersion modeling report since 2012, despite the requirement for an annual update.
An inspection report was provided to the company and required the modeling report to be prepared and submitted to the ministry by May 2016. The company failed to comply.

On July 27, 2016, a ministry order was issued to the company, requiring the modeling report be prepared and submitted to the ministry by September 2016. Again the company failed to comply.
The ministry’s Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges resulting in two convictions.

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