State of Colorado’s WQCD Issues Unilateral Enforcement Order to Mulhern MRE, Inc. to Resolve Permit Violations

Denver, CO (3/10/2022) – The State of Colorado’s Water Quality Control Division today announced a Notice of Violation/Cease and Desist Order/Order for Civil Penalty (“NOV/CDO/OCP”) issued to Mulhern MRE, Inc. The NOV/CDO/OCP, filed March 10, 2022 alleged that Mulhern MRE, Inc. violated permit requirements at a planned subterranean construction dewatering and well development project in Douglas County. Mulhern MRE, Inc. is required to pay a $2,000 civil penalty, which will be distributed to the State of Colorado’s Water Quality Improvement Fund. The NOV/CDO/OCP was subject to a 30-day public comment period.

The NOV/CDO/OCP is available for viewing at