Thrift Decorating & Painting Penalized

Thrift Decorating And Painting To Pay Penalty For Illegal Disposal Of Hazardous Wastes

MADISON, WI The State has settled a lawsuit against Thrift Decorating and Painting of Eau Claire, and its president, David Pierce, for violations of the state’s hazardous waste management laws. The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) filed and settled the case following an investigation by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR.)

According to the complaint, filed at the request of the DNR, the defendants’ painting operations generated hazardous wastes including mineral spirits and lacquer thinner. The complaint alleged that on a number of occasions over the past several years, defendants violated state law by improperly disposing of hazardous waste, dumping waste mineral spirits or lacquer thinner near several sites of their painting operations, including locations at or near Eau Claire, Weston, Rice Lake, Lake Geneva, and Bayfield.

The law requires that hazardous waste generators arrange for the proper treatment or disposal of the wastes at licensed facilities, Van Hollen said. The DNR and the DOJ will continue to work together to enforce the laws designed to protect our environment and public health.

Under the terms and stipulations of the settlement agreement, the defendants provide the DNR annual copies of records for the next five years showing quantities of hazardous wastes generated and disposal receipts. They will also be required to pay penalties totaling $12,000 for the violations.

The settlement was approved by Eau Claire County Circuit Court Judge William M. Gabler. Assistant Attorney General Shari Eggleson represented the state.