Liquid Waste Management Company fined $60,000 for Environmental Protection Act Violations

Brantford ON (9/10/2021) – Convicted – Wessuc Inc. Court Location – Brantford

Description of Offence – The convictions relate to failing to comply with a ministry approval by transferring soil conditioners to unapproved sites on three separate dates between July 2, 2018 and August 14, 2018, contrary to Sec.186 (3) of the Environmental Protection Act.

Date of Offence – During the period between July 2, 2018 and August 14, 2018

Date of Conviction – August 17, 2021

Penalty Imposed – Wessuc Inc. was convicted of three violations under the Environmental Protection Act and was fined a total of $60,000, plus a victim fine surcharge of $15,000 with 60 days to pay.

Background –

Wessuc Inc. is a company that specializes in land spreading operations and provides clean out and hydrovac services across the province. The company has operated under a ministry approval since 2011.
On October 12, 2018, ministry staff attended a spill site that had been reported by Wessuc.
During follow-up on the spill and clean up, it was identified that Wessuc had transferred Ferrero Mix, Ferrero wash water and digestate materials to multiple sites for land spreading, disposal via biodigester, and/or to be stored. However, in three cases, the recipient sites were not approved to receive the soil conditioner(s) under their Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM) Plan, nor under other legislation, as required.
These three applications were in violation of Wessuc’s ministry approval.
In all cases, there was no adverse effect.
The ministry’s Environmental Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges which resulted in three convictions.

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